15 Jun 2020

What is So Cool About Manufacturing?

Exciting News!  More and more Pennsylvania Students are learning about and becoming excited about Manufacturing and the opportunities that are available in industries, right in their own back yards!  The following activity is designed to let you hear directly from some of those students about why they are so excited!  Each year, students across the state work in teams to produce a video highlighting manufacturing for a contest called “What is So Cool About Manufacturing?”   Students compete at the regional and then state level.  Please take a minute to watch the 2019 winner!

Learn more by reading this short article entitled “US Manufacturing, Statistics, and Outlook.”

Are you becoming more excited about Manufacturing?   Could you and your friends be the answer to the skills gap outlined in the article?   If the answer is yes and you want to explore why other groups of students are excited about manufacturing, visit the “What’s so Cool about Manufacturing” page.  Here you will find contest submissions from all over Pennsylvania.  Find your region and check out videos about Manufacturing Jobs/Careers that are in your community!