15 Jun 2020

A Question To Be Answered..

“Kids today……..”   There are so many things that can follow that intro!   You probably hear adults say things like “kids today are never going to grow up and be responsible.  They are lazy, ”  or “kids today just want to play games on the computer and don’t want to work.”  IS THIS TRUE? (Just for the record, since the beginning of time the older generation has felt and stated similar things about the younger generation!)

Why does every generation sell the next generation short?

Because they are?

Today I want to make sure that you know that there are many “elders” who see this completely different, and recognize characteristics of this generation as gifts rather than liabilities.   These individuals see you as “the future.”  Your gaming skills, your ability to negotiate, your drive for short-cuts, are all gifts to innovators of the future.   Please take a moment and watch this video.   While it is really designed to target individuals, who may not recognize your gifts, it is also an excellent reminder for you that great things lie ahead, and opportunities abound!

The messages that are shared in this presentation provide plenty of “questions to be answered!”   There are questions to be considered by your parents and communities,  your teachers and administrators, and most importantly, you! 

  1. Do you believe you have the opportunities in your schools and communities to explore, design and experiment?  
  2. What opportunities are outside of school that you should be taking advantage of?  
  3. What can you do to encourage your school to provide opportunities for you to become “the kinds of people that do things like those individuals in the video?” 
  4. What steps can young people take that might help the preceding generation understand that the different ways they think, the ways they allocate your time, and the passions that they hold are really gifts, not weaknesses? 

Here is a great article about amazing interventions made by kids! 

Many  of these things are currently being manufactured.   How did they make that happen?  After you read the article, do a little research!