15 Jun 2020

Manufacture Your Future!

This activity introduces you to a Discovery Education website called Manufacture Your Future.  Manufacture Your Future is an initiative from Arconic Foundation and Discovery Education, designed to inspire students in grades 3-12 to take the first step towards exploring and pursuing today’s modern manufacturing careers through STEM-based exploration.  We are going to access one of many resources/activities available on the website called STUDENT SELF-PACED MODULE.  Completing this module will allow you to investigate the applications of 3D printing, robotics, and computers to discover how each of these technologies helps teams of manufacturers.  

First click on this link https://www.manufactureyourfuture.com/school to head to the webpage. Then look for the module (see below).

Once you locate the module, click on Launch Module and begin to explore the relationship between advanced manufacturing careers and the products they build that shape our world!

When you have finished the module, you may also be interested in the six career videos that are also housed on the Manufacture your Future Website.  See those options below.