15 Jun 2020

Parents! Educate Yourself, and Your Kids About Manufacturing!

Why are manufacturing jobs typically not front-runners on a parent’s list for dream jobs for their kids?   They should be!  The following article provides a wealth of information and current statistics about parent perception and more importantly, opportunity.  Please take some time to educate yourself by reading the article.  A meaningful follow-up activity for you and your child to complete, would be to research opportunities for employment and related training in your area.  In a day when post-secondary training is expensive and often debilitating for students as they enter young adulthood, finding training resources in your back yard AND choosing training programs with real opportunities upon graduation are critical.

Here is a great entry level position for students interested in manufacturing!  Have you heard of this job before? It requires training at a CTC (Career and Technical Center) and in some cases an associate degree.  Follow the link to discover related careers and training opportunities in your area and also, the outlook for these careers in Pennsylvania!