10 Jun 2020

Manufacturing is not Just For Guys!!!

What does the future hold for you?   Do you want a career with many options?  Do you want a career that pays well?   Do you want a career with a bright outlook for current and future employment opportunities?  Manufacturing provides all of that and more!  And while manufacturing has traditionally been viewed as a male-dominated work setting, girls are equally equipped to take advantage of these many opportunities! 

“Make the Future, Connecting Girls to Manufacturing” was recently released by NAPE (National Association for Partnerships in Equity) to promote participation and retention of diverse females in STEM education and courses in the advanced manufacturing pathway.  The program provides a robust website filled with tools and resources for students, parents and educators.

This practical guide for students and their families about the Manufacturing Industry in the United States provides a wealth of information.  You will have a chance to meet some people who are very excited about the work they do in manufacturing!  You will also have a chance to see what types of students might like manufacturing.  For instance:

*Students who enjoy turning ideas into reality
*Students who want to make life easier for others
*Students who enjoy problem-solving with a team
*Students who enjoy working with Advanced Technologies

Not all jobs in manufacturing require a four year degree.  There are many different pathways into manufacturing, including CTC Centers (Career and Technical Centers in High School,) Technical Schools, Associate Degree Programs, Apprenticeships and Certification Programs.   

These are just a few of the resources found in the guide.  Please take some time to access the guide at the following link.     


Many more resources, such as posters and videos, can be found on the “Make the Future, Connecting Girls to Manufacturing” website and it can be accessed at the link below. Resources for your teachers and parents are also featured there!