11 Jun 2020

BAJA SAE Competition! Manufacturing Education Can Be Super Fun!

There are many reasons why more and more students are considering manufacturing as a career choice.  One of the main reasons is the technology that is associated with modern manufacturing!  Who doesn’t love all the gadgets and machines that are connected with manufacturing careers?  3-D Printers, CNC Machines, Vinyl Cutters, etc. are all really cool machines that let you make cool stuff!  Learning how to use this equipment is a critical part of training programs for careers in manufacturing. 

Today you are going to get a chance to meet students at Pennsylvania College of Technology who put what they have learned to work, making and entering an off-road vehicle in the annual BAJA SAE Competition!  The video you are going to watch, “Advanced Manufacturing,” is part of the “degrees that work” series developed at Pennsylvania College of Technology in conjunction with WVIA.  The video lasts about half an hour. 


If you enjoy it, there are seven other videos in the series that you might also find interesting, many of them highlighting careers closely related to manufacturing… including nanotechnology, welding, plastics, and going green!  Those episodes can be found at the link below! https://www.pct.edu/k12/degrees-that-worktv