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Skilled Assembler

Do you like to take things apart and put them back together?

If so, that could lead to a great job in one of south central Pennsylvania’s many manufacturing facilities. You could make it as a skilled assembler. A

After the parts for a product or system have been made, skilled assemblers step in to put it all together. They may work alone, or as part of a technical team. If the project is a team effort, each member learns a specific part of the process as well as all other tasks to be completely familiar with the entire assembly procedure.

The training necessary to make it as a skilled assembler depends on the type of manufacturing. This job is a key position in most operations that produce mechanical components or electrical systems. Both industries continue to offer job opportunities where you can make it with a rewarding paycheck and employment security.

Mechanical assemblers use a wide variety of tools and skills to put products together correctly. Following detailed schematics for the assembly process, workers install each component in a pre-determined sequence to build the finished product. An eye for detail and the ability to interpret instructions are very important to complete the project successfully. You might find yourself assembling a complicated machine that will be used in the food processing industry, or a massive unit fabricated from steel. Whatever the job, the challenges and rewards are as big as your expectations.

Those employed in manufacturing plants that produce electrical components call on similar abilities. These workers may find themselves putting together a complicated control panel or wiring a state-of-the-art conveying system.

The latest technology finds assemblers putting together PLC’s, or programmable logic controllers. These are computer systems that direct and monitor electrical current to major systems in many industrial operations. An understanding of electronics and the ability to read wiring diagrams is necessary to make it in this exciting occupation.

By planning your training and schooling to direct yourself toward a career in assembling, you can make it with good pay and opportunities to advance.

In south central Pennsylvania a skilled assembler earns about $40,000 a year. The national job outlook for the next decade predicts that there will be a 5% increase in the need for workers in this field, with an additional 88,000 positions opening up. New jobs for people like you, who choose to make it BIG …as a skilled assembler!

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