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Quality Assurance Technician

If you have an eye for details and pursue perfection, you could make it… as a quality assurance technician.

Today’s manufacturers are searching for people who will oversee the production standards that keep them competitive. This is a challenging career that can take you in a variety of directions. Some quality assurance technicians can enter the field after high school and receive on-the-job training while being paid. Others can apply specific studies such as vocational technical courses to related industries.

In many situations, routine quality assurance checks are performed by workers along the production line. Individuals are charged with the responsibility for making certain that their part of the process is done properly and that quality is maintained before it moves on to the next stage. Other companies hire specialized quality assurance technicians to carry out intense and very specific testing to guarantee that standards are met. In addition to quality assurance guidelines set by each company and industry, many products are required to meet federally mandated standards and codes. The quality assurance technician plays a critical role in overseeing the processes that ensure that each product is in compliance with any regulations.

Looking for ways to improve quality control procedures throughout a production system is often another responsibility of this key employee. If you make it as a quality assurance technician, you may find yourself working with a variety of different machines designed to inspect and verify the tolerance of a product.

In the metal fabrication industry, you might find yourself checking for defects in welded structures, or examining the quality of the finishing process on high grade metal components. In any case, the quality assurance tech is integral to the reputation of the company for excellence in workmanship.

Taking this job to another level could find you in a position as a quality assurance engineer. Additional training may provide you with higher earning potential.

A quality assurance technician earns an average of $44,511 a year. A quality engineer makes an average of $67,939. It’s certainly a career choice where you can make it with job security and financial rewards. This occupation is expected to grow by about 8% in the next decade, with over 35,000 new job openings nationwide. That outlook presents some exciting opportunities for people like you who care about doing things right and meeting or exceeding performance expectations. Personal skills and characteristics that can help you make it BIG, as a quality assurance technician or quality engineer!

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