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Mechanical or Electrical Engineer

There’s a growing need for qualified engineers in Pennsylvania’s manufacturing community. And that demand is expected to grow nearly 8% by 2018, with 4,000 new jobs to be filled.

Right now, the median salary for mechanical engineers in Pennsylvania is over $77,000, while electrical engineers have a median income of almost $85,000 a year. While income varies depending on the specific field you enter, most jobs offer additional benefits that will improve your lifestyle and security. Definitely two smart career choices where you can make it… and have it made.

What do mechanical engineers do?

The job description is full of challenges and opportunities. If you liked math and physics, this career path may be for you. These professionals research, develop and produce simple to complex manufacturing tools, machinery and mechanical appliances. Both power-producing and power-using machines that are so important throughout every commercial and industrial operation.

Mechanical engineers use specially developed software programs, both 2- and 3-D, do a variety of jobs. They can create computer models that serve as prototypes before building the real thing. Special software can test the load capabilities… or project fatigue tolerances… and solve all kinds of problems to save time, promote safety and increase efficiency on the factory floor.

New training programs for mechanical engineer are opening some exciting and fulfilling doors. In addition to designing mechanical products and systems, you can become involved in hands-on building of that design… virtually watch your idea come to life and go into production.

There are so many opportunities for electrical engineers to make it.

These professionals get involved in the creation and development of a wide range of electrical equipment in today’s manufacturing. They design and build machinery controls responsible for operating all kinds of machinery from food processing production line units to major systems that run industrial plants. An electrical engineer might work on aircraft or automotive systems, improve the efficiency of electric motors or put problem-solving skills to use with today’s advanced communications systems. If it requires electricity to run, there’s an engineer who makes certain that it runs right.

The great jobs are here, in mechanical and electrical engineering. Secure jobs that offer rewards in performance and in your paycheck. Jobs where you can really make it BIG!

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