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Maintenance Technician

You can make it as a maintenance technician: it’s a challenging career choice with great pay and job openings for people like you with the right training and the desire to make it.

There’s a demand for employees who like to work with machinery of all kinds. Today’s manufacturing facilities, commercial and industrial operations depend on maintenance craft technicians to keep them running and productive.

Some entry level jobs in this field offer training on-the-job and apprenticeships where you are paid as you learn. Others require specific training.

What you they do?

This job is anything but repetitive. You might find yourself trouble shooting an equipment failure, or estimating repair costs. Every day can present a new challenge and the opportunity to learn additional skills.

You can choose to go into a specialized area of maintenance technology, such as electronics. Installers and repairers in this field perform skilled tasks in a wide variety of operations from telecommunications and utilities to industrial machinery requiring control panels…virtually any equipment that uses electricity.

Maintenance craft technicians can make it in metal fabrication. This industry offers a wide range of opportunities from setting up new systems to overseeing the smooth operation of existing equipment. You can work with anything from intricate laser technology to massive machinery that bends and shapes giant pieces of metal. Here, it’s critical to keep each machine up and running at peak efficiency.

Foundries are also on the look-out for workers who can learn the business and keep it going. These operations depend on good maintenance for productivity, high quality and the safety of all its employees.

Acquiring plumbing skills can put you into a job in any number of Businesses. Plumbers, pipe fitters and steamfitters find employment in any operation where pipes carry water, steam, air, liquids or gases.

Heating, air conditioning and refrigeration mechanics are also in demand. Because air quality is such a major concern today, factories need key people to keep air systems working properly. Food processing relies on its maintenance technician to make sure that production lines keep moving and that high quality assurance standards are consistently met.

There are countless ways to make it as a maintenance technician. You can secure a job that enables you to grow in terms of income and responsibility. Median pay for a general maintenance and repair workers is about $35,000 a year with higher compensation for highly trained and skilled workers.

It’s projected that in the next ten years, there will be an 11% increase in the number of jobs open to maintenance technicians. That’s roughly 142,000 new positions for people with a keen interest in working with machinery….and keeping it working. You could fit into this bright future, making it BIG as a maintenance technician!

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