12 Jun 2020

Teaching Students about Manufacturing!

It is never too early to educate students about the outstanding opportunities that exist for careers in manufacturing.  But it is also never too late!   In order to make sure students understand the opportunities available in manufacturing, it is important that districts provide relevant lessons at all grade levels.   You will find a list below of some specific lesson plans with the grade levels they target and the content area standards with which they connect.   The specific lesson plan list is followed by some additional high-quality resources that provide current information and/or quality lesson plans associated with manufacturing.

Blue – Elementary    Yellow – Middle    Green – High School

Lesson Grade Level Standards Connection Link
Construction 1SciencePDESAS
Design Your Future 3-5Career Education and WorkManufacture Your Future
Design a Robot 6-8Math/Science and TechnologyManufacture Your Future
What’s Your Influence? 6-8Social StudiesManufacture Your Future
Manufacturing for the 21st Century 6-8Social Studies, Science and TechnologyManufacture Your Future
Self-Paced Student Module on Manufacturing with Educator Guide 6-8Math/Science and TechnologyManufacture Your Future
Designing a Clay Automobile 6-8Math/Science and TechnologyPDESAS
Design Your Future Career 9-12Career Education and WorkManufacture Your Future
Design a Shoe 9-12Business, Computer and Information Technology/Science and TechnologyManufacture Your Future
Everything is Manufactured 9-12ELA, Science and Technology, Family and Consumer Science, CEWPDESAS
Innovation in a Bag 9-12Economics, CEWPDESAS

Some other manufacturing resources and lesson plans for educators: